The attention of Workers Rights Protection Network (WORP) has been drawn to the latest issue emanating from the Reps Ad-hoc Committee Investigating alleged job racketeering of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and Mismanagement of IPPIS, chaired by the Hon. Yusuf Gagdi and the utterances emanating from, the former Desk Officer and Protocol Officer of the IPPIS, running from pillar to post, seeking succor and begging for forgiveness from Dr Muheebat Dankaka.

The reason is, this is the same Chairperson he alleged that she had given funds to him running into millions of naira. This is also the same person he maligned and rubbished her reputation with his co-traducers and co-travellers.

According to the Network’s findings, since the unfortunate attendance of Kolo at the Ad-hoc Committee’s sitting, where he cast aspersions on the personality of Dr Dankaka, Kolo has absconded from all other meetings, especially as the two-star witnesses of the Ad-hoc Committee, Abdullahi Isah and Ali Muhammad Yero pointedly inform the committee during the interrogations that they singlehandedly gave funds to Haruna Kolo and do not know and have not met or dealt with Dr Dankaka and also denied all the alleged infractions heaped on Dr Dankaka by Kolo.
Kolo had attended the meeting that fateful day, making unsubstantiated allegations and subsequent sittings further revealed by the victims of the job scam perpetrated by Kolo exonerated Dr Dankaka, and since then, Kolo has been on the run from the authorities and security agencies.

After shunning several invitations by the Committee to appear before it, the Chairman, Hon. Yusuf Gagdi issued a bench warrant for his arrest due to our investigations and clarion call that Mr Kolo would jump bail and was used by fifth columnists particularly on that day of attending the first hearing he was accosted by three Federal Commissioners from the Federal Character Commission who were top accusers of the Chairperson and major sponsors of all the allegations against Dr. Dankaka.

Consequently, Haruna Kolo, the former Chief of Protocol and Desk Officer of the IPPIS Scheme at the Federal Character Commission, according to our investigations, who has been declared wanted by the orders of the House of Representatives probing the alleged job racketeering, is on the street running from pillar to post, asking for forgiveness from Nigerians that he was been used and dumped by the initiators and hatchet jobbers, and wanted Dr Dankaka to please, forgive him as the supposedly Commissioners have abandoned him in the lurch and trenches to sulk.

In a Press Release signed by the National Coordinator of WORP, Comrade Adio Wahab Salami, emphatically stated that these three Federal Commissioners have been on the jugular of the Chairperson, Dr Muheebat Dankaka, as they were all charged up to take up her job at the Commission and, as such, had to gang up and robe this innocent woman executive who was not aware of the nefarious plans and clandestine plot right from the onset and who are very keen to stop at nothing, to malign her office.

“We vehemently and steadfastly ask that these said people if found wanting must also be made to face the wrath of the law and severe punishment must be meted out to them to serve as deterrence to other officers and to stall such unethical acts unbecoming of any senior officials,” the Network stated.

As far as they are concerned, there is no iota of truth in whatever testimony Kolo gave at the Committee’s sitting. “For if it were not so, he would not now have been on the streets, where he now reveals that the people who instigated him to point accusing fingers on the Chairperson. An action he says he utterly regrets now,” said the Network.

It is on record and according to our further investigations, Kolo is actually on the run from security operatives, from one state to the other, visiting close friends, family and associates of Dr Dankaka, the Chairperson of FCC, seeking and begging for her forgiveness that he was being used to witch-hunt her and disgrace her from her exalted position in a bid to take over her seat.

“We have it also on good record,” the Network revealed, “that Kolo was at the Palace of His Royal Highness, the Etsu Nupe and other important and highly placed family members, course mates, alumni colleagues at different parts of the country, appealing to them to please intercede on his behalf, that he had been used and dumped.”

He was also sighted at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), the Alta Mater and ivory tower of Dr Dankaka, seeking the faces and mercies of the Chairperson’s former lecturers who were close to her, when she was a student, to speak to her and also very senior academic and non-academic staff who she respects, to beg them, to appeal to Dr Dankaka as he was a victim of hatchet jobbers and disgruntled people who are power drunk and eager to discredit the Chairperson and used him as a willing tool in order to achieve their self-serving agenda gone awry.

In view of the foregoing, WORP wonders “Why the agencies have not been able to arrest Kolo, knowing full well that a valid bench warrant has been issued against him.” This, as they rightly reasoned, is to make him face the wrath of the law, instead of going cap-in-hand to beg and seek for forgiveness from Dr Dankaka: “He should allow the Ad-hoc Committee to do their job and complete their investigations, instead of pre-empting theirs and going ahead to plead for mercy.

We authoritatively warn that Dr Dankaka will not forgive him, because she has been traumatized, vilified, and psychologically tortured by the media trials, name calling by Kolo and pointing of accusing fingers on the Chairperson’s image and reputation, which have almost made her a laughing stock in the country for standing up for her right and truth.”
Now, the question remains, “Who is going to pay for all the damages done her and the defamation by Kolo?” The Network, therefore, calls on all Nigerians should jettison Kolo and not listen to him, but he should make himself available to the authorities to face the wrath of the law. “He should be arrested to answer for his sins, for trying to damage the reputation of the Chairperson who was only exonerated by God Almighty.”

If this same Kolo is begging, what is he begging for, after all the humiliation caused Dr Dankaka, her family, associates and colleagues?

WORP can categorically state that “Haruna Kolo is going from pillar to post, criss-crossing from state to state without been arrested by security agencies, bringing to bear and question the security of life and property of Dr Dankaka who, by now, should be heavily protected to avoid any unforeseen attack on her person and family, pending investigations.”

“It is clear that Haruna Kolo has confessed to a lot of people, friends, former colleagues, and family, seeking their help to beg Dr Dankaka that he was being used to make the unsubstantiated claims against her; they have turned around to abandon him, after using him, he is now been left on his own. But he MUST answer for his sins,” WORP stated.

“Our further investigations and in previous press release, we made mention that, indeed, Kolo was seen in company of the three Commissioners before his first appearance at the hearing, which confirms his confession that he was used by some in the FCC and now dumped,” WORP said.

“We have stated for the umpteenth time that we will not accept any apology from Kolo publicly or in private to Dr Dankaka as friends and relatives are advising to do so. Even if he apologizes to Dr Dankaka and Nigerians, we still ask that he be arrested to face the wrath of the law, ignorance is not an excuse.

“We have it on good authority that, even his friends, family and relatives are looking for him also and wondering why he would allow himself to be used to try to destroy a notable and innocent Chief Executive Officer. Wherever he is, he should be fished out by the security operatives and tell Nigerians the truth, who sent him, so as to arrest the people, because Nigerians will not forgive him for the emotional distress and trauma, reputational damage and defamation to Dr. Dankaka,” WORP asserted


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