Contrary to the act that established the North East Development Commission, NEDC in 2017, major indications, has emerged as the reasons for the fragrant distortion of the extant laws, with the reapportionment of the Managing Director of the commission as well as the Board Chairman Mr. Paul Tafa.

Leader of the concerned North East Recovery front, Dr Garus Gololo who is also a Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress APC, , while in an exclusive chart with The Sun newspaper in Abuja, stated that the Presidency, is currently taking the North East people for a ride since the primary objective for establishing the commission, has been defeated.

Dr Gololo, taunted President Tinubu, on the the rationale behind channeling all appointment meant for the North East to Kanuri indegens, stating that CABALS in the Aso Villa has made things worse by ensuring that Mr. President remains oblivious of the act that established the region.

Recall that the NEDC, was established in 2017 under Mohammadu Buhari, with the responsibility to “receive and manage funds from allocation of the Federal Account international donors for the settlement, rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads, among other social amenities in the war-ravaged North-East states.” The states are Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Taraba and Yobe.

The former Army general, insisted that the quietness of North East indegens, also made things worse unlike it’s Niger Delta counterpart. ” Take a look at the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC act. Till today, it is duly respected. And just few days ago there was an outcry by the people and representative from Ondo and Cross River was changed because the people are watching. But in the North East it is not so.

” The issue here is that perhaps we need to remind the Presidency and indeed every Nigerian that the North East, is a combination of different states including Adamawa, Bauchi, Gombe Borno, Taraba and Yobe. I can confidently tell you that my own state Bauchi, is involved in this matter. But what we have here presently, is that the MD, is from Borno State and he has been there since the establishment of this commission. And after he served out his 5 years tenure, had it renewed for another 5 years as against the act that established the commission. I red the act copiously and it said that the leadership shall be rotational like that of the Niger Delta. But as far as Iam concerned, the reason and idea for the rebuilding of the region after loss has been misplaced. I would like you to take a good tour of all the States that made up North East region. You would agree with me that the idea has changed from its original priority, which is to Develop and rehabilitate the people after the Boko Haram menace. There is no school no health care facilities, no road and portable water and people are not yet settled to go back to farms to help their families”.

Dr Gololo, further, questions reason for lack of scholarship schemes and over sea educational training for indegent people of the North East to fall inline with what is obtained from the Niger Delta Commission NDDC. ” Like I earlier said, among the six states, no reasonable infrastructure of any sort can be seen as a proof of World bank donations, UNDP or that of huge FG yearly budgetary allocations. The only visible thing about the NEDC are official vehicles which some times at Bauchi GRA packed at their office liaison but yet nothing is physically seen as an executed project in their name”

Meanwhile, Dr. Gololo, has threatened to head to court to press further the demand for equity the prudent management of funding of the North East Development Commission NEDC since it’s establishment, with the request of the National Assembly committee on the North East to do something possible to ensure that this quest for accountability is granted and justice served. And failure to achieve this , I will head to. Court and Iam also appealing to Me. President to withdraw this man in respect to the act that established the NEDC.

” If you read the act very well, the act says that the management shall hold out lic hearing to expose all the project they are about to execute and also to allow the people make impute to that project which they so desired of. The committee is also supposed to have oversight functions to determine areas that are not covered and like I said, Iam from Gololo Local government and during those days of insurgency, there are people from some communities that were displaced and till now they are not back to their original place and without relief materials. From my community we still have those from diffa chased to Niger Republic and it seems those ones are now forgotten there. And we ask, what efforts have they made to bring those people back and rehabilitate them?. This is because it is their duty to do that. But I found out that all this is centered on individual representing the whole zone and should not be so”.

He said that a tour of all the six states, showed lack NEDC presence in terms of developmental project or social intervention. ” For instance, from Gombe to Bauchi, a bridge linking the two state caved in and till this moment, no one cared to rehabilitate it. And where are the North East Development Commission NEDC people to fix it for us and making a journey to and from the states is hell as I talk to you. Even Borno the headquarters of NEDC is an eyesore and inside Borno State, I traveled up to Gamboru GANA to bani to damasa they have done nothing. In Yobe state, I was in gaidam, in Kanama, I was in Tulotulo also in Macina so I have no record of any achievement. You see I don’t talk of Bauchi because it seems they are not remembered as part of NEDC. If Nigeria know, we are in rainy season and they supposed to share relief materials to those whose houses and farms were submerged. We have a place in Yobe called guru and part of alkaleri and duguri in Bauchi State suffered climate change flooding. We ask where are the relief materials to assist those people”.

Commenting on the inability of the North East governors unanimously to demand for the effective implementation of the budgets for NEDC, he said that his effort, remains personal as a bonafide citizen of Nigeria and indegen of North East from Bauchi State, who is. It happy with the way things are happening.

” I care not about the efforts of the Governor’s from the North East, or whatever they do about their misgivings. What Iam saying is that I have every legal right to challenge anyone who misuses the NEDC funding because the zone, is for all of us not for anyone alone. So my question, is for them to give account of all the funding amounting to 3 Trillion since establishment by law in 2017 till date. We need the financial record published or we need a public presentation of the expenditure as it is done in the NDDC and during one those outings we saw someone collapse when the hit was too much. We want such to feature in NEDC. We need it published in the dailies so that proper investigation can made. It is also important for the Federal Government of Nigeria to set up an investigative committee to come up with a report of what this people are doing.”

Dr Gololo, also had drawn the attention of Mr. President to reexamine the reapportionment of Mr Alikali as it such goes against the act that established the North East Development Commission NEDC.


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