Engr. Martha Kwaghdoo Anderson( Nee Wan Udam). 1976- 2023

It is hard for me Alhaji Kenneth Terlumun Atavti, to accept that you are no more. But, how can I dare challenge God!  Especially, when your demise was sudden and shocken my dear sister and friend. 

You left this sinful and wicked world in a very sad manner,at about 4pm on the 28th December, 2023  few hours after we both engaged ourselves on Facebook platform when you posted your pix alongside your hubby’s Dad beside you in the village, preparatory to your return to Makurdi, enroute Naka, in Gwer- West local government area of Benue State.

I recall vividly, intimating you that I was preparing to head to village to see the locals for Christmas largesse which is a yearly ritual that must be fulfilled not knowing that you were wishing me goodbye. 

Super Madam! Your last words to me was that ” Ken, you have accorded Rachel alot of respects even, in death please, get a partner and move on” I replied you that I have to protect my kids first and it’s not negotiable. 

You went further to agree with me that I have a superior argument and I should take my time.

I was terrified when Barrister Douglas Najime, Elijah Nyikwagh and other friends started bombarding me with calls to find out what was going on not until 9: 17pm on the said day, when your hubby officially informed me about the circumstances surrounding your untimely demise. 

Its a honour and a privilege for me to have known and gotten close to you through your husband Engr. Anderson Igbum, of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN.

For me,  you  left this world, to witness  a wonderful transformation and  liberation from the suffering caused by the terrible kidnapping experience you suffered twice while alive in Benue State and your killing by Armed Fulani herdsmens on the 28th December, 2023.

Kwaghdoo, was a model of love, compassion and generosity until her very last moments with us on earth.

Her mission was one that made a great difference in the lives of many people. The great number of people who will be  attending her funeral will  hear a lot about the kind of person she was as well as the decent life she lived devoid of destruction, deceit, envy and evil. 

She wasn’t a celebrity or a well-known political figure; her death wasn’t mentioned by so many of her close allys and family members but, her departure touched many.

She left like she lived: gently, making sure she had said goodbye to all of her loved ones, and giving each one a little something. 

She was thinking of others until her very last moment. She even waited until her husband, kids and sister embarked on Christmas trip to visit her hubby’s parents in the village for the yuletide celebrations in the car before she breathed her last, laboured breath.

My friend, spent her whole life helping others. She was always there for those who were in need—whether they needed to take shelter in her home during a difficult time, or simply wanted an ear that would listen without judging, condemning, or prejudging.

She was a reassuring presence for her all her relatives, colleagues and friends  whom she took great care, as well as for her husband and the kids.

She was well-known and admired in her community.

Martha Kwaghdoo Anderson, I personally knew you with the following  qualities that you mastered:

Authenticity, Humility, Generosity, Respect of self and of others Integrity.

You will always maintained care,  expressed love and charity.

Your mission on earth, was a great one: you taught others around your family and friends the importance of loving and of not being afraid of saying it!

Anderson, your husband can attest to that fact. 

All of your relationships were transformed by one, single ingredient: love—the most essential ingredient for our time here on earth.

The best remedy for a difficult event that turns our lives upside down is to give love freely, and to receive the love that comes to us in return.

Because we get back what we give.

The death of my sister-in-law has really brought home to me that, when we leave this world, our material goods, roles, titles, and profits no longer matter. All that counts when we leave, when we have completed our mission, is that we loved fully, and were loved in return. I sincerely believe that, when we leave this life, our soul takes this love with it.

When you love fully, only then are you truly alive! You get back what you give!

We can die having been miserable with others, or we can die having made a difference and leaving beautiful memories in the minds of people.

Thinking of madam Martha, automatically brings a smile to the lips of those who knew her because she loved life. She always had a smile and I will dearly miss her banters and jokes whenever she puts a call across me.

Thank you, dear Mrs.  Martha Kwaghdoo Anderson, ( Nee Wan Orya) for the great privilege of having known you for more than two decades. I know you are still here among us. Thank you for reminding us that the present moment is precious, and that we should make the most of it by loving fully and generously.

Late Engr. Martha Kwaghdoo Anderson (MNSE), was  a graduate of the Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State. 

She hold a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering and a Masters Degree in Information and Communication Engineering from the Covenant University Ota, Ogun State. 

She went further to obtained an MBA with the prestigious Lagos 

Business School (LBS) with interest in Analysis of Business Problems (ABP) – Business process optimization, Small/Medium Scale Enterprise set up, Entrepreneurship, Business policy formation and Strategy development, Personal effectiveness/leadership Development, Project management and Marketing. 

Before her untimely death, she was carrying out a research in Power Line Carrier (PLC) Communication with Wireless Communication Optimization and Rural Access Connectivity for Rural Development. 

A COREN (Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria – R. 20,327) registered Engineer and Member, Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE – R.24,192), Member, Institute of Electrical/Electronic Engineering (IEEE), Member, Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM – R.896,938) and Member, Project Management Institute (PMI R.79,176). 

She  started her career with ZTE, one of the world leading Telecommunication Equipment manufacturer, as a Telecommunication Engineer responsible for the design, implementation and commissioning of GSM network in the northern region of Nigeria serving 56 Base Stations. 

As a team, she was instrumental for the designed transmission networks for MTN 

Nigeria, Globa Com Nigeria, Sub-Urban Telecoms, Fibre Tech. West Africa, Fred & Johnson Optical Transmission Backbone and the second phase of the Volta Com Network covering the Western, Eastern, Northern, Ashanti, Brong-Ahafo, Upper West and Volta Regions in Ghana. 

She developed the Implementation plan for the optical Fibre Cable Network for MTN Abidjan, Cote d’ivoire and worked in vanous capacities in ZTE rising to lead 

international transmission product sales in Nigeria, Ghana and the Ivory Coast. 

She then moved on to Westcom Wireless Nigeria Limited as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) where I executed large Optical Fibre projects across the country. I was thereafter appointed Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Westcom Group where I contributed in the engineering process restructuring, group policy formation/implementation, Progct Management and Business strategy. 

Engr. Kwaghdoo Anderson had enormous experience in Optical Fiber Transmission and  served as the Local Technical Consulting Partner for Flash Integrated Telecommunication to KPMG on the Open Access National Broadband Network (NBN) for the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC). The pilot phase for Lagos and North Central Region was awarded. I have published “Satellite communications: Impacts on Developing Economies “, “3GPP Long Term Evolution: Architecture, Protocols and Interfaces” and “Heterogeneous Wireless Networks: A Survey of Interworking Architectures” in 

international Journals. 

She also, head the boards of Tout Les Evenement Solution Nigeria Limited (TES) and Primeplus Integrity Technologies Nigeria Limited. I am the Program Manager at Makurdi Business School (MBS) Makurdi, Benue State, I facilitate some programs in 

the school and serve on the board of Advisors. 

On a voluntary basis, she delivers lectures on Time Management & Productivity, Selfleadership /self-awareness, personal effectiveness to teenagers in secondary schools and carry out one-on-one counselling sessions on request before her demise. 

She was  married and blessed with four children.

As you begin your final journey on the 5th January, 2024 your killer’s will not know peace.

Great Soul! Rest well my sister and friend. 

Kenneth Atavti, writes from Abuja.


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