The Good Governance Advocacy Centre (GGAC) has suggested that there would have been massive blood bath in Rivers State during the last elections if not for the presence of the military.

The group believes Governor Nyesom Wike would have had a filled day and spilled more blood had the gallant troops not been on ground in the oil-rich state.

GGAC made this assertion at a press conference on Monday in Abuja in reaction to the governor’s utterances ahead of this year’s Armed Forces Remembrance Day.

Mr Wike, at a church service on Sunday, accused the military of “unprofessional” conduct during the last polls and proceeded to urge Nigerians not to throng out to celebrate the 2020 Armed Forces Day.

However in a statement signed by convener, Comrade John Odusote, the Good Governance Advocacy Centre rubbished the governor who they claim hired political thugs to rig the ballot, leading to bloodshed.

According to Mr Odusote, more blood would have been spilled if not for the brave and uncompromising Nigerian Army personnel on ground during the exercise.

The fact that Mr Wike made such utterances in a church, the group believes, is an indication that he is troubled by the innocent souls he destroyed or wasted to acquire political power.

The GGAC, therefore, described his call on Nigerians to snub the sacrifices of “noble and selfless men and women as well as the fallen heroes and heroines of the Nigerian Military” as “ absolutely hollow and meaningless noise”.

Read full statement below:

Compliments of the season, as the Good Governance Advocacy Centre (GGAC) a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and active crusaders for public progress and good governance in Nigeria. We also wish you a blissful year freed from the sickening entanglements of the preceding years.

GGAC has observed that Nigerians have kicked-started the week-long activities for the 2020-Armed Forces Remembrance Day throughout the federation since last week with Friday Prayers in mosques and inter-denominational church services. The activities would round-up this week, with the customary laying of writ on the tomb of the unknown soldier, a proud and reflectively solemn national event in all ramifications.

However, in a deliberate, premeditated, absurd actions and incoherently reckless utterances, Rivers state Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike in his characteristic manner of farcical grandstanding, erraticism and empty ego attempted to discolour the shine and reverence of this patriotic and solemn national culture of commemorating our fallen heroes and heroines and also, celebrating those still in active service in protecting and defending the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our dear country, Nigeria.

We viewed with angst and dismay, a speech last Sunday, January 12, 2019 during an Inter-denominational Church Service to mark this year’s Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration at the Saint Peter’s Anglican Church, Rumuepirikom, Port Harcourt, which went viral on both traditional media and social media platforms, credited to Gov. Wike, in which the Governor ignored his shameful moral baggage and undemocratic conduct by unconscionably questioning the professionalism of uniformed men and by extension, members of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

After profusely acknowledging the Nigerian Military in curbing the threatening armed criminal activities of kidnappers, cultists, insurgents and armed robbers in the country generally, Gov. Wike in his usual senseless arrogance proceeded to urge Nigerians not to throng out to celebrate the 2020 Armed Forces Day, alleging involvement of the military in electoral heist in the 2019 general elections.

We wish to state unequivocally that no Nigerian Governor or leader anywhere has indulged in such bizarre conduct and utterances like Gov. Wike consistently demonstrates in his contorted piousness and deceptions of some gullible Nigerians.

Gov. Wike so shamelessly mouthed on the internationally revered Nigerian Military that; “It is unfortunate that the military has lost its integrity because of some unprofessional personnel. Nobody is afraid of the military because of their unprofessional conduct. Those who come to rig election or kill Rivers people, Heaven will never remember them.”

There is no modicum of doubt that Gov. Wike is sustainably haunted by the innocent blood of his kit and kin he massively murdered in cold blood to ascend the leadership of the state in 2015, beginning with his party- the PDP’s primary elections to the actual governorship ballot. And the records are clear and in public domain for all Nigerians to verify.

We are aghast with Gov. Wike’s recent outbursts concerning the 2019 general elections in River state, wherein he accused the Nigerian Military of complicity in rigging the ballot. But the reverse is the case. It is a known and indisputable fact that Gov. Wike drafted top appointees of his Government including commissioners and hired political thugs to rig the ballot for him and the PDP.

Wike and his goons would have spilled more blood had the Nigerian Army personnel on Election Duty shirked from their responsibility of protecting the electoral process and the sanctity of the ballot box. And indeed, that was the experience, anywhere his hired merchants of death through election rigging escaped the eagle eyes of security agents. They killed massively.

GGAC emphasizes that it was the Nigerian Army which actively frustrated the multi-layered plots of Gov. Wike and his armed brigades with their vigilance in River state. Each time there is an election in Rivers state, Wike persistently turns the state into a theatre of war, blood and sorrows. It has earned the state the unenviable epaulet of “Rivers of Blood,” by the Nigerian media.

With the latest utterances’, it’s clear that Gov. Wike is not only haunted by the blood of the innocent, but tormented by spirits of his slain brothers and sisters in the state, which he viciously gunned down in the demonic quest to grab state power at all cost.

Perhaps, Gov. Wike is demented to a fault; if not outright and calculative executive mischief. Or else, we wonder how Gov. Wike would have forgotten so soon the incidents during the 2019 general elections. The Governor personally or through his close aides made covert and public attempts to bribe and influence soldiers on Election Duty, which the apolitical, neutral, unbiased and professional officers rejected severally?

Could Gov. Wike in truth tell or deny to Nigerians that in the days preceding the February 23, 2019, Presidential and National Assembly elections and even on the day of elections, his henchmen were not arrested in different parts of Rivers state in possession of unapproved electoral materials?

Can Wike hold his head in high esteem as a leader and refute the standing fact that troops deployed to safeguard INEC sensitive materials at CBN branch Port Harcourt, on election eve and that these covert operators did not attempt to bribe and induce the soldiers?

Were his hatchet men, comprising Major A.P. Ubah and some policers namely, DSP Oyoku Ifelle (Camp Commandant, Rivers State Government House), Sergeant Akanu Garba , Inspector Hyacinth Oboi and Sergeant Nketan Chucks, not arrested by a team of the Nigerian Army, 6 Division Headquarters over attempts by Gov. Wike’s proxies and cronies to bribe them to release sensitive electoral materials to electoral undertakers?

After investigations, the suspects who approached the soldiers on duty in a Range Rover belonging to the DSP, ostensibly led by the Camp Commandant Rivers State Government House, the suspects had various incriminating items in their possession such as the sum of N2.25million; INEC 2019 electoral tags and customized Rivers State Government House brown envelopes. And the sum of N500,000 (five hundred thousand) was also found in the Toyota vehicle of Major A.P. Ubah and just like, the multiple other confessions aligned to the actions of a coordinated syndicate assigned to rig the elections?

Furthermore, and in good conscience, Can Gov. Wike disclaim that on Saturday, February, 23rd 2019, a member of Rivers State House of Assembly, Hon. Opokri Wanaka, in company of Dr. Reason Onya Williams, Rivers State Commissioner for Urban Development paid unscheduled visit to troops camp at Akinima and sought to see the Commander of the troops at the location? And and upon meeting him, offered the officer some amount of money, but it was rejected? What was the experience of the troops at Mbiama Bridge, when a white Hilux vehicle with Rivers State Government Reg No. L02-03 RV RIVERS and eight occupants was halted for a search?

The soldiers discovered to their consternation a carton and two bundles of INEC 2019 presidential election ballot papers in the vehicle. Later investigations disclosed that none of the six occupants were neither INEC permanent nor adhoc staff or even security agents. What does Gov. Wike want Nigerians to believe? Is it that State Assembly member, Hon. Okpokri Wanaka, his commissioner, Dr. Onya Williams, Gov.Wike and others were both organizers and participants in the elections?

When has it become lawful for serving state governors to usurp the functions of INEC to deploy staff in an election as demonstrated by Gov. Wike severally? Why was it expedient for Wike to put a call to the officer who arrested Okpokri and his team of election riggers?

But in his usual bullying style and grandstanding on his senseless and defence of dubious actions, Gov. Wike was miffed and barked, claiming, it was wrong for security agents to parade state government officials who were on election duty. By implication, it confirmed the grandeur rigging Wike and his team unleashed on the 2019 general elections in the state. Why was Wike’s commissioner found in possession of electoral materials? The later denials were belated attempts to save his face, which had already been rubbed with mud and his integrity impugned.

Angrily, he claimed, “The army cannot be a judge in their matter. You cannot parade officials on legal electoral duties. You cannot change the narrative. They have violated all known laws.” But the question is that were the Wike’s arrested aides’ part of INEC staff in an election they assigned themselves the unlawful job of secretly ferrying materials to some destinations without INEC staff or approval? This is the reasoning of a power-drunk and someone who rode to power with a known reputation of a political thug, who believes everything must work in his favour by hook or crook.

The unholy invasion of the electoral process in 2019 by Gov. Wike, evident in incidents of bribes and violence to influence the outcome, spared no one. Nigerians can testify how a group by the identity, “UK Matters Most,” led by the convener, Mr. James Moore, stormed #10 Downing Street, Buckingham Palace as well as the Westminster Parliament all in London, in protests demanding that the Prime Minister must initiate action over allegations that Gov. Wike bribed British consular officials.

The group accused Gov. Wike of bribing consulate staff in British High Commission office, Abuja concerned with election duty with the sum of $1 million to prepare, twist and stamp a false and misleading information on conduct of the polls in Rivers state. Gov. Wike may wish, but cannot erase these glaring evidences of complicity in destroying the sanity of the electoral process in Nigeria.

Nigerians must know that Gov. Wike is a dangerous character and his pursuit of power at all cost is strewn with satanic machinations perpetually. So, blood and arsons or whoever it affects does not prick Wike’s conscience, insofar as the end justifies the means, the Machiavellian style.

A Governor with such rotten records of electoral heist, killings and bloodletting in his quest for power cannot under normal circumstances, be bold enough to attempt to ridicule an institution like the Nigerian military; particularly, the Nigerian Army and its leadership of corrupting an electoral process. Rather the military, saved and rescued the system from the devilish machinations and destructions’ of power broods like Gov. Wike and his cahoots.

Therefore, the public proclamation of Gov. Wike during the 2020-Armed Forces Day in a Port Harcourt church and on sacred altars of God Almighty is indication that the Governor is troubled by the innocent souls he destroyed or wasted to acquire political power in the presence of God Himself. It is sacrilegious enough.

And calling on Nigerians not to celebrate these noble and selfless men and women as well as the fallen heroes and heroines of the Nigerian Military is absolutely hollow and meaningless noise. We know, Nigerians have consigned to the trashcan. Nigeria’s democracy must be saved from sinister political hawks and power monks like Gov. Wike.

It unfortunate that Gov. Wike doesn’t even know when it is time to play politics and a time for governance. As a man enjoying a repeated stolen mandate gotten with the blood of Rivers people, he should savour the crooked victory quietly rather than playing the ostrich.

The only way Gov. Wike can assuage the pains of Rivers people is to concentrate on delivering good governance to the people. But the resort to hurling meaningless and useless darts, in the hope of defraying the spirits of innocent souls haunting him is no panacea to it. It only demonstrates that the relentless spirits of Wike’s victims are driving him to an irrecoverable madness.

Gov. Wike may wish to retreat into his shell and ponder deeply; genuinely atone for his sins and beg forgiveness from the people for his violent crimes against his own people before the day of reckoning hits him hard. Its pointless seeking sensational escape by blaming the Nigerian Military through such reckless utterances. Clinging to his current disposition now is one sure step to his final perdition.

Thank you all for your audience.


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