By Oluwole Adesina

It is undebatable that some of our southern journalists are the one causing problems in the country with their misinformation. They are Lazy, egotist, arrogant, selfish, unprofessional and overrated.

They think they know it all once they qualify as journalist. They caused the fall of Buhari/Idiagbon regime and they would have succeeded in denying Buhari the presidency due to their selfishness if it wasn’t for social media.

Babajide Kolade Otitoju wasn’t the first journalist that would be exposed for who they are. Some of them are ready to rubbish their homeland for whoever pay to dictate their tune.

What stopped Him doing a research before he uttered that gibberish last night?

I was highly informed that Jide didn’t rubbished the entire military perse but the Army. He has been picked up by our boys on few occasions but left off the hook by CAS.

There is a dirty politics going on in the Northeast between the Army and the Air force. The Army is being frustrated by the uncooperative attitude of the Air force in the fight against Boko boys and it was the frustration that made the theatre Commander to say that the Army need their own fighter helicopters to station with them at battalion or Brigade headquarters.

Who stopped the Air Wing of the Army in NASS? Why is CAS using selected journalists to rubbish the Army and their Chief?

Is Babajide Otitoju among the journalists? Why is always in the company of CAS? Is it part of their assigned job to rubbish the Army in favour of Idriss Deby Army?

Why are they misinforming the unsuspecting public? If the Army is ill equipped like Jide opined then who provided him cover to visit the frontline? Has Jide tour the Nigerian army formations throughout the country to know that we’re inferior to Chadian Army? What does Jide know about Chadian military to warrant his lies on social media? Is Idriss Deby genuinely fighting Boko Haram in his country like Jide and their propaganda machine in the South?

Well, friends.

On the right in this picture was Mahammad Idriss Deby. A Major General in Chadian Army and Second in Command in entire military.

On the left was Zakari Idriss Deby. He is Chadian ambassador to United Arab Emirates until his recall back home 2 weeks ago.

The question now is:

What are the two brothers together with their Father doing in the frontline?

Genuinely fighting Boko Haram like Babajide Otitoju and his likes made the unsuspecting public believe? Never.

The truth is that the presidency of Idriss Deby is threatening by the internal rebels trying to dislodge him from power. The rogue family have been in power for 30 solid years and some of his country men and women are tired of his dictatorship.

The rebels have infiltrated the Boko Haram boys to cause maximum damage to his miilitary base by killing some of his best fighters. The family honey pot is at stake hence the whole family joined hands to protect it.

Idriss Deby is hiding behind Boko Haram to kill his rivals at home. Without the internal uprising he wouldn’t have touch the Boko boys operating from his country to destabilise Nigeria.

Those who use Idris Deby picture as their DP have been victims of Babajide Otitoju misinformation. Deby and his entire military are moin-moin to Nigerian Army in combat.

Please guys. Don’t be carried away by the likes of Jide bragadaccio. He made attempts to bully me last night with their usual tactics, “do you know me”, but I stood my ground.

Please my friends. Google is your friend. Research any information you are not sure of.

May the departed peace return to the Northeast and entire country.
Happy Easter to all my homies.

Adesina is a Nigerian Army veteran and wrote from Lagos


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