… How would you Explain Gayam Chiroma Manipulations

In a development that highlights the post-election challenges in Nasarawa State, a group of stakeholders led by Hon. Rafiu Abdullahi Kura has called upon ousted Governor Abdullahi Sule to honor the commitments he made prior to the governorship election on July 13th, 2022.

The stakeholders have also issued a warning to members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to ensure that the mandate of the people is upheld, rather than resorting to electoral malpractices.

The ousted governor, who hosted his deputy, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe and members of the state executive council on Sallah homage at his Gudi country home warned them not to approach him to alter results of elections.

“We must try everything possible to win our elections because if somebody else wins and you want to come to me to change the election, I will not change it, even if it’s my election.”

“If I lose my election and you want me to change and steal it, I will not steal it, I will give it to whoever wins. There’s nothing that I am looking for. I must face that and be honest with our people,” he said.

Kura, in a statement on Wednesday, emphasized the importance of Governor Sule adhering to his previous statements, particularly in light of the tribunal’s ruling against him, which followed events in Chiroma and Gayam wards.

They challenge the governor and the APC to explain How they arrived at this figures during the march 18, governorship election.

” In Chiroma Ward as Decaled by INEC TOTAL’REGISTERED VOTERS 58,454 Accredited Voters 2l ,833 } Valid Vote Cast 20,542 BUT APC ALONE SCORED 50,944″

” In Gayam Ward as Declared by INEC, TOTAL VOTERS REGISTER 33,477 Accredited Voters 13,820 Valid Votes Cast 15,525 BUt APC Alone Scored 29,857 while PDP scored 1,448 votes others 2,215 Bringing the Total votes cast to 33,525 whxih is more than the original accredited voters in the ward.”

He further advised the governor to accept the tribunal’s decision, stressing that he still had an opportunity to uphold his promises.

The stakeholders also cautioned Governor Sule against using religion as a means to deceive the public, suggesting that people were already aware of his attempts to sow division and influence the decisions of the appeal court justices.

They pointed out that the returning officer who had announced the disputed election results was a Christian, indicating that religion should not be exploited for political gain.

Rafiu further alluded to the governor’s previous statement, made after the controversial announcement of the March 18 election results, in which he had criticized the moral character of women who protested against the outcome. In response to the recent protests by APC members, the stakeholders questioned the governor’s stance.

In their closing remarks, the stakeholders urged the APC not to prolong the dispute but to accept defeat in the interest of the state’s citizens, as Governor Sule had claimed to prioritize the people’s well-being. The ongoing debate and demonstrations underscore the complexities of the post-election landscape in Nasarawa State.

The situation remains fluid, and the state’s political future is uncertain as legal battles continue.


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