The Nigerian fashion scene is rapidly expanding, firmly established in the global fashion arena with its glitz, glamour, chic essence. It’s a realm of enchantment, where fairy godmothers wield magic wands for sparkling moments. Weiz Dhurm Franklyn’s brand has redefined luxury in ready-to-wear fashion, transforming it into an eternal runway.

Celebrities like Beverly and Chioma Ikokwu have graced both red carpets and casual gatherings, adorned in the enchantment of Franklyn’s creations. His aesthetic seamlessly marries Avant-garde with intricate textures, demonstrating his mastery of sheer fabrics and their allure.

At the heart of the Weiz Dhurm Franklyn brand, conceived by Wisdom Adaba, lies a women’s fashion narrative. This label expertly weaves African heritage with a contemporary, elegant flair. Each collection and design is meticulously crafted to bestow the epitome of elegance upon the Weiz Dhurm Franklyn Woman.

Franklyn’s creations have graced the red carpet at the AMVC, adorning figures from Sika Osei to Fola Francis and filmmaker Ifan Ifeanyi Michael. These pieces are defined by their hallmark of Avant-garde flair, intricate fabric manipulation, and masterful artistry.

Even in men’s fashion, Franklyn’s signature brand elements are evident, featuring experimental textures and embellishments that traditionally lean feminine. From ruffles to bold floral motifs, Franklyn effortlessly sustains the dialogue of fashion. It’s no surprise that Burna Boy chose to don a Franklyn ensemble during the “Lagos Loves Damini concert” to usher in the New Year 2023 in Lagos.

Despite some etiquettes unrest among Nigerian artists due to the show’s delayed start, the brilliance of Franklyn’s attire couldn’t be overshadowed. With a sparkling turtleneck and wide-legged pants reminiscent of 1970s style, Burna Boy exuded positive vibes in a fashion fusion radiating sheer excellence. Undoubtedly, he conveyed a powerful Franklyn statement.

Wearing Franklyn is akin to donning the brightest shade of red, an unmistakable statement of boldness and brilliance.


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