The Coalition of Northern Groups for Good Governance (CNGG) has fired warning shots at politicians it alleged to be behind the recent killings and protests across the country to seize from their mission to destabilize Nigeria. 

The group which said it is made up of about 35 CSOs and groups across the north disclosed that the youths are getting impatient with induced insecurity and partisan protests by those responsible for the carnage in the land.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday afternoon in Abuja, President, Comrade Abu Mohammed said these partisan merchants of violence and killings are contracted to cause unrest, agonies and bloodshed in parts of the north.

According to the group, their misioon is to claim power from the backdoor, as typified by their constant sermons for the sack of serving Service Chiefs.

After several failed attempts, the Northern youths revealed that they now resorted into discrediting President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration; blur the successes of the Service Chiefs to find public justification to compel Mr. President to sack his hard working and dedicated security team.

The group, however, warned these disgruntled politicians to quit their “devilish agenda”. 

While throwing its weight behind the president, CNGG added that it is very much satisfied with the Service Chiefs, as a unified front is required to surmount the various security challenges.

Read full statement below:

Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen of the Fourth Estate of the Realm,

Let’s warmly welcome you members of the Press to this briefing and also seize this unique privilege to specially thank Almighty God for our country and our lives.

We cannot be more thankful to our Creator that in spite of the mounting self-created and induced adversities manifest in resurgent insecurities, He has equally empowered our leader, President Muhammadu Buhari with the wisdom to always stand firm in our collective defence. He has never flinched or blinked over his responsibility of protecting the lives and property Nigerians.

However, we can never find it intolerable, unacceptable and very expedient to once again speak to Nigerians, particularly, some excited and partisan merchants of violence and killings contracted to cause unrest, agonies and bloodshed in parts of Northern Nigeria.

Let us quickly remind that the North and Nigeria is our collective heritage. It is very painful that some dubious characters are aligning with internal and external forces to destroy it. We are angered by this development and it will be a shame for our generation to bear this stigma and therefore, the imperative for caution.  

We thought with 2019 electioneering campaigns over; elections won and lost; some sanity would return to the self-acclaimed political godfathers of Nigeria. The renewed acts of armed banditry, killings and other horrendous atrocities, especially in parts of the North are not only induced, but politicized by disgruntled politicians and campaigners seeking to administer Nigeria from the backdoor, as typified by their constant sermons for the sack of serving Service Chiefs.   

Quite belatedly, we have realized, underestimated and improperly decoded the indignation and penchant of these forces for evil against us. They have marshalled series of evil plots.

After the instigated acts of insecurity, they also proceed to hire emergency and aberrant civil society sects for public protests in the prosecution of their Plan “B” in worsening insecurity in the country. Miscreants, hoodlums and social deviants under different guise are massively recruited to execute these plots.

Therefore, with every attempt the Government of President Buhari makes in blighting the fire of insecurities in the country, these agents of darkness, some of whom are backed by foreign forces, resuscitate new plots to cause more Internal Security (IS) breaches for the country and our citizens.  

The intention is to discredit the administration of President Buhari; blur the successes our Service Chiefs have recorded in containing insecurities’ in order to find public justification to compel Mr. President to sack his hard working and dedicated security team.

These antics are no longer strange to us and we are calling on the masterminds to be careful, least the actions they embark upon triggers unsavoury counter-reactions from Nigerians. Security is our collective responsibility and, in this sector, every Nigerian is a sentinel over his life, domain and community.  

Let us resolve to work closely with security agents to rout out armed bandits, terrorists and militias in our communities. The erroneous posturing or notion that security is the sole responsibility of the President or a Governor has created fertile grounds for the promoters of this evil against our people and country. To thrive. We cannot exhibit this ignorance forever.  

There is every need for concerted efforts by all stakeholders towards tackling the security challenges, particularly in the Northern part of the country.  We should not allow our enemies and detractors overwhelm us, to destroy or ruin our communities, because highly placed politicians are desperate to push a portrait of their perfectibility as better leaders, had Nigerians entrusted them with leadership.

To this end, we strongly condemn actions by some individuals who are dancing to the tunes of these demonic souls and anti-democratic forces. It is clear to us that they scheme to throw the country into total chaos and lawlessness by sponsoring violence, killings and at the same time, inducing youths to embark on protests against the country’s leadership after unconscionably dismissing every effort made in this regard. 

The manner of the latest protests baffled infinitely. Youths were sighted freely mingling in the season of Covid-19 in total disregard for social-distancing protocols and the deliberate refusal to wear Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) such as face masks and so forth. It only justifies the artificiality of the public protests and the random recruitment of youths to cause tension and further destructions.

Nevertheless, these machinations cannot blindfold us against the genuine intentions of President Buhari to ensure the security and safety of every Nigerian wherever he is domiciled in the country. Needless to stress or we contented to express with every modicum of confidence that the administration cherishes the life of every citizen and has done so much in this dimension in the last five years. 

We are compelled to acknowledge the efforts of Mr. President in taming insecurities in the country and pour these eulogies on him not just because he is one of our own. But it is ennobled by the plain and indisputable fact that he has done well considering the quantum of challenges which his administration inherited on coming on board and his skillful management of it to this hour. Conversely, we appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of leaders of our security architecture and security agents for sustaining the counter-fire against armed criminals terrorizing our country and the citizens, despite the deliberate frustrations to belittle their efforts. They have done so much to ensure our citizens and territorial integrity is protected from invaders and aggressors. The only option we have is to embolden to get to the targeted destination.

At this juncture, we are morally obligated to specially acknowledge our beloved security agents who have paid the supreme price for the unity and stability of the country and the safety of others. We are convinced absolutely that their sacrifices will never be in vain and Nigeria will surely overpower the gangs of armed criminals amassed against it.

Lastly, we pledge the total support of all citizens to the security agencies and the leadership of the country; as we reiterate the call for a unified front for us to surmount the various security challenges. We advise youths who have offered themselves for recruitment as foot soldiers  in prosecuting  these devilish plots hatched by politicians against the peace and security of our nation to desist forthwith.

Thank you.


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