By Becky Luka
Katsina State Police have called on the public to disregard a viral video circulating on social media alleging the misappropriation of palliatives by police officers. In an official statement by the Police Public Relations Officer in Katsina, ASP Aliyu Abubakar-Sadiq, they described the video as not only misleading but also aimed at tarnishing the police’s reputable image.

Following a thorough investigation, it was determined that the bags of rice shown in the video, loaded in a police vehicle, were actually intercepted and recovered from unscrupulous individuals. These individuals had fraudulently obtained more palliatives than their allotted share, and the police promptly returned the excess to the distribution center.

The police emphasized that the video misrepresented the facts and attempted to exploit the commendable efforts of the officers assigned to provide support, security, and ensure the smooth execution of the distribution event.

The law enforcement agency assured the public that the accusations made in the video were entirely misleading. They acknowledged the concerns raised by the public due to the video and encouraged everyone to exercise caution and critical thinking when engaging with online content.

The police highlighted the dangers of sharing unverified information, stressing that it contributes to misinformation, which, in turn, harms the reputation of officers responsible for upholding law, order, and community well-being. They called for unity in combating the spread of misinformation and reaffirmed their commitment to serving the state with honesty and integrity.


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