By Rev Solomon Semaka

It was the foremost English writer, William Shakespeare who said , “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” For Dr Abubarkar Ahmed Audi mni, the Commandant General of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, his visionary leadership at the paramilitary security agency in just over two years so far , has distinguished him as an achiever whose eyes are fixed on the lofty vision he has painstakingly set for the para-military formation. Dr Audi Abubarkar could be said to have achieved greatness by his sheer will, tact, forthrightness and an undiluted faith in God. His passion for excellence is beyond measure.

Those who have followed his track records and meteoric rise in service before his assumption of office as the CG already know that Dr Audi’s name is synonymous with excellence and service . To get results in the shortest possible time , since he came prepared, Dr Audi immediately introduced positive attitudes that have fostered a sense of teamwork, collaboration, and mutual respect among colleagues, which has further promoted a harmonious and productive work culture in NSCDC.

Dr Audi’s unique disposition to service has enabled him to reach enviable milestones at NSCDC in record time. His few years so far in office has seen a monumental increment in the welfare package for the ranks and file of NSCDC. Promotions, regular placement , clearing of backlog of promotion arrears which were big issues in the past , have been restored under his watch.

Apart from their primary role of keeping a non-stop surveillance on government’s critical national assets and infrastructure, like oil pipelines, the NSCDC under Dr Audi is providing intelligence to government, as well as monitoring, training and controlling the activities of private security companies in the country.

As a fall out to Audi’s ingenuity, the NSCDC is able balance the promotion of all junior officers; level 03, 04, 05 and 06, a clear departure from the past. He has gone ahead to pay disengagement allowances to retirees who were left forgotten and had lost hope of survival. The payment of burial benefits to next of kins of deceased personnel is done as at when due, on the issuance of Group Personal Accident cheques to officers and men who suffered varying degrees of accidents in the cause of discharging their duties within the last five years, have also been regularised and done timely.

Dr Audi has also taken the provision of housing units for junior and intermediate officers, capacity building which includes the roll-out of operational vehicles, very serious.

One of the major responsibilities of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps is to manage disaster and casualties. It is the duty of the agency to assist in the maintenance of peace and order and also in the protection and the rescuing of the civil populace during the period of emergency; to warn the civilian population ahead of danger; to evacuate civilian population from danger areas; carry out general rescue operations; assist in the provision of emergency medical services; among other roles. The NSCDC under Dr Audi , it has been observed, has not failed in terms of quick response to accident victims, victims of fire outbreaks and collapsed buildings, casualties in riots and even victims of the several ethno-religious crises in the country.

The renowned scientist Sir Isaac Newton once said ” If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” This comes true even in the case of the NSCDC Boss because the milestones of Dr Audi are not detached from the overall vision that the Minister of Interior , Dr Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo has for the paramilitary agencies in the nation .

Just recently, during the launching of new uniforms for the NSCDC, the Minister disclosed that the federal government was working to ensure an upward review of salaries of paramilitary personnel as well as facilitating complementary compensations for their sacrifices as security officers.

Commending the initiative of the NSCDC boss, the Minister noted that the new uniform would give NSCDC officers “a sense of pride among their contemporaries within the security circle.”

He also revealed that ; “As a government, we are putting in all that we can to ensure that we provide and support our agencies with the right materials, and of course the right knowledge that is needed to deliver.”

So he assured that “We will continue to support you. We will continue to work on the welfare and training of our officers because it is paramount. And, of course, we will continue to invest in you because we know that the dividend of our investment is enhanced security.”

That is the proactiveness and vision that Dr Ojo has brought to the ministry. His vision is so infectious that every paramilitary security agency has caught it in a shortest time , all the agencies shall also show brightly like what Dr Audi has done .

On a whole it is the synergy between The minister and NSCDC CG that is creating wonders , both at the Ministry and NSCDC. While we commend them for the milestones that they have reached together, we advise them not to give in to cheap blackmail from wannabe jobbers and roadside critics who would want to distract them . They should remain focus on the ball until set goals are achieved.


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