By Assin Godstime

The fate of who replaces the present Governor of Edo State will be revealed by November 2024. Several persons have shown interest in succeeding Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki, including his deputy, Comrade Philip Shaibu, whom I have dubbed “The Youth Governor” in this piece.

Shaibu, comrade and politician, is one of the most refined politicians from Edo State. Just days ago, while watching the highly competitive match between the protagonists Bendel Insurance (Nigeria) and the antagonists Aso Chief of Algeria, I was moved to openly support Comrade Philip Shaibu, whom God used to restore Bendel Insurance to its glorious days when the club dominated continental football.

I recalled notable players such as Wilson Oruma and Osaze Odewingie, who reached the pinnacle of their careers thanks to Bendel Insurance.

Regardless of sentiment, the attention Bendel Insurance is receiving from the State government and the general public would not have been conceivable if Philip Shaibu had not voluntarily committed himself to freeing the club from its slumber.

Shaibu doubles as a freelance Bendel Insurance player as well as Deputy Governor of Edo State. He is the only Insurance player that does not receive payment.

Aside from restarting Bendel Insurance, Shaibu personally connects with Edo State youngsters. Unlike past Deputy Governors, he has officially welcomed many young people in the State. We have witnessed him support Edo State’s budding comedians and singers, including Edo Pikin, Casino, Nas T, Mc Obaro, Da Saint, and many others.

However, there is one area in which he and his principal have failed miserably: their deliberate disregard for creative writers. I had personally informed him of this. Edo State has the highest concentration of creative authors in the South-South. When fully supported, Edo State’s creative skills have the potential to host a national convention of the Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA, to do more research and give educational assistance. Comrade Taiwo Akerele, a former Chief of Staff to Governor Godwin Obaseki, previously led the ANA Abuja section.

Shaibu might promptly check into the field of creative authors I just proposed in my binoculars to further smoothen the already existing relationship between him and youngsters since more of the Edo State creative writers are youths. This will help the State’s intellectual rebranding. This author belongs to the Association of Nigerian Authors, Edo State branch.

Shaibu is adaptable, bright, smart, and approachable. His accessibility and listening ears are two qualities that young people like. If you call him or send a text message to his phone, he will respond. Shaibu admires and enthusiastically encourages young people. He hasn’t forgotten that he was elected to the Edo State House of Assembly as a youth and a brief notable tenure in the House of Representatives as a young man. Yet, as a young man, he was chosen Deputy Governor.

Shaibu is a go-getter, a steadfast warrior who is prolific, competent, and resourceful. His knowledge and background would be beneficial as Governor in 2024. Regardless of Senatorial District, Shaibu should be encouraged to succeed his principal, in my opinion, and this is my viewpoint and request.


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