**denies importation of foreign bodies in Nasarawa

**Calls on Gov. Sule to toe the part of peace

AHEAD of the supreme court judgement, the Opposition People’s Democratic party PDP in Nasarawa state Friday alleged that it has uncover plot to seal the state secretariat of the party.

Chairman of the party, Francis Orogu told journalists that there have been consistent move by the governor Abdullahi Sule administration to invoke his powers on the party members following a sustained prayer undertaking by widows, other women, youths and some Concern citizen of the state at the party secretariat in Lafia.

According to the opposition PDP Chairman, “women, mostly widows, the aged, youths and other concern citizens of the state have been sacrificing their time, resources to pray for the restoration of the stolen mandate given to our party in March 18 this year without constituting neusance.

“We are aware that a clandestine meeting was held after a meeting with the state security apparatus to perpetrate plot to shut our people out of their prayer session
to enable them carry out their nefurious activities against our party.

T”he last count was the military and now the police.” “We are aware of
a plot to parade an imposter who would confess to be from either Plateau or Nasarawa and paid 5000 to protest. This is the hallmark of cheats and the same manner they used in stealing the mandate of the people”

“It is important to note that as a party, the PDP has a clear and defined process for organizing it’s activities. We have the most suitable venue in Nasarawa State to host such events which is our party secretariat, and we would never resort to renting a crow from any part of the state outside Lafia not to talk of importing people from the neighbouring states of Benue, Plateau as being alleged

Why will the government impede on the legitimate right of the people asking God peacefully in prayers for peace, justice, and restoration of their mandate in a confined environment become an issue to the governor”, Orogu questioned.

“It has come to our attention that the current administration in Nasarawa State has been involved in subjecting the citizens to a one party system in connivance with the security agencies to intimidate, harass.

” It is not only shameful for the state governor to be involved in an issue that does not affect the peace and unity or pose a threat to the state by dragging the police to our secretariat in Lafia.

“We urge governor Abdullahi Sule and his cohurts to allow peace to reign as the activities of the women and other residents of the state supporting our party in prayer have nothing incriminating to warrant the level of intimidations, harrassment they are currently receiving from the state government.

While calling for the restoration of the fragile peace in Nasarawa, Orogu noted that PDP as a responsive party guided by the law owed it a duty to maintain decorum, respect the rule of law and human dignity.

“We would like to make it clear that the purported plot to seal our party ahead of the supreme court judgement is not only undemocratic, unconstitutional but a defined character aimed at surprising the citizenry of their legitimate right.

“We urge the security forces to always define their constitutional rule of engagement rather than being used outside their assigned duties. We believe the current IGP would not be a party to the officers being used by political opponents who are unable to accept our success in the March 18th 2023 election.


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