Nigeria Vice President, Hashim Shettima, has said that the Federal Government of Nigeria, targets 40 percent of its GDP from the transportation sector to fully utilize the nation’s population of o er 200 million, hence the ongoing railway sector reformation programm.
The Vice- President, made the remark Friday, while receiving officially the second  batch of Nigerian railway engineering graduates trained in China under the Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Company CCECC social responsibility programme.
Recall that the company, has already dispatched first set of railway engineering graduates who are already working at various sections offices of railway engineering company and the Nigerian railway cooperation (NRC)
Hashim, who was represented  during the occasion by Honourable Ibrahim Hassan Hadeija, noted that the rewed hope agenda, is targeting the In transportation initiative where the country’s highest GDP comes from the transportation sector and possibly the railway  with the capacity to move and utilize the country’s population strength for economic growth.
While congratulating the returning graduates, he stated that they are now good products to contribute immensely in revamping the sector.
Speaking earlier, The Minister of Transportation, Senator Said Alkali, assured government commitment to collaborate with Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Company CCECC, in an appreciation to its efforts working with the present administration.
Senator Alkali, said that the company’s efforts and the programme execution, is inline with the Federal government renewed hope agenda targeted at bringing democratic divided to Nigerians through several collaborative efforts of multinational companies in Nigeria.
The Senate President Sen. Godswill Akpabio, who was also represented during the occasion, by Senator Amos Yohana, congratulated the returning graduates indicating that it time for the trained engineers to co tribute meaningfully to the economy of the nation ” of great importance is that these graduates were products of Goodwill from CCECC. It is important to acknowledge that it has helped in training over one hundred and ninty of our young citizens. We celebrate them with the companies cooperate responsibilities. We thank them for lighting the candle, not only for these children, but to show the corporate world of the need for such”.
The managing Director MD of CCECC,  Michael Yigao, stated that the company since 2018, has collaborated with the Federal Government of Nigeria and Chang’an University to select and sponsor young Nigerians for further education in China.
study in China before officially enrolling in their 4-year undergraduate program in Chang’an University. Known as “1+4 program”, this initiate has benefited 40 students who have already returned to Nigeria after graduation last year, and the remaining 72 students have also successfully completed their academic journey in China this year.
” Now I am delighted to see them sitting here with the joy of graduation on their faces and their hard-earned bachelor’s degrees in their hands. Congratulations to all of you!
Dear guests, as a company committed to strong corporate social responsibility, CCECC has consistently upheld its pledge to “stride with Nigeria” by sponsoring capability building and transferring technical know-how to young people. Today, as we witness this joyous moment, we celebrate not only the achievements of these young students but also the spirit of international cooperation and collaboration between the government of Nigeria, CCECC and Chang’an University”.It is through the combined effort of these parties that lives of these young people have been transformed”.
Alhaji Mamman Mustapha, a graduand who hail from Maiduguri, Borno state
said that the year 2018, was an extremely fortunate year for all the students. ” it was a year that changed our lives. As students jointly trained by CCECC and Chang’an University, it is not only an honor for us personally, but also a great fortune for our families and our country. While CCECC helped us realize our dreams, they also nurtured group of talents who can contribute to the construction of our nation.
“Moreover, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Government for the opportunity.
Mustapha, who majored in road and railway transportation, informed that throughout the study in China, that the university provided him with a comprehensive curriculum, laying a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills for future careers.
“I have absorbed professional knowledge like a sponge. China has achieved remarkable accomplishments in railway transportation technology, and we hope to apply the knowledge gained in China to build a better transportation system in Nigeria, improving its efficiency and effectiveness.
“During my enriching study experience in China. interacting with Chinese students provided a platform for language exchange, where I enhanced my Mandarin skills and established lasting friendships. This experience exposed me to a diverse learning environment, fostering continuous learning, comprehensive thinking, and the ability to adapt to foreign cultures, thereby promoting personal growth and effective cross-cultural communication.
“Today, we stand at the starting point of our careers. It is gratifying that, thanks to the joint training opportunities, 47 students from the first batch of graduates have had the good fortune to join the large family of CCECC. I believe this demonstrates the power of collaboration.
“Our shared experiences in China have not only equipped us with technical skills but also fostered a global perspective and the ability to confidently navigate diverse environments. I also hope to join CCECC Nigeria Limited, to contribute my efforts, and to become a valuable asset to my homeland, Nigeria”.


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