A civil society organisation, Save Nigeria Movement (SNM) has asked President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to dismiss the appeal of House of Representatives member representing Isuikwuato-Umuneochi federal constituency, Hon. Amobi Godwin Ogah as a token of love for the Igbos as treacherous and unpatriotic.

This is coming at the heels of a similar condemnable pronouncement made by Hon. Obinna Aguocha, Chairman, House Ad-hoc Committee interfacing with relevant security agencies in Abia State to reduce kidnapping, assassination and banditry in Isuikwuato-Umunneochi communuties calling for the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu, a move which is widely criticised as undue interference with court processes and a deliberate attempt to undermine national security and the integrity of the house.

In a press release signed and distributed to journalists at the Charity House Abuja by Rev. Solomon Semaka, the Convener of SNM, the group wondered where Amobi Ogah was, when the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOP) and Eastern Security Network (ESN) led by Nnamdi Kanu were killing, maiming and terrorising innocent lives in the region a lot of which is still ongoing in the entire region.

According to the statement, “Hon. Amobi Godwin Ogah’s call for the release of Nnamdi Kanu as a show of love for the Igbos is selfish and misplaced. No Igbo man who witnessed the atrocities perpetrated by armed miscreants who are linked to Kanu and IPOB will support this call. As a Labour Party member, his call is nothing but a clandestine plot to jeopardise national security and bring Tinubu’s adminstration to disrepute”.

The CSO insisted that the only ‘gift of love’ the people of the South-East region will ever yearn for is the restoration of true and sustainable peace in the region to fast track development, adding that, anything short of this is a veiled attempt to hoodwink the present adminstration into another needless bloodbath and criminality in the region.

“It is deceptive to claim that the prolonged insecurity in the South-East is caused by the detention of Mr. Kanu, the proscribed IPOB leader. The truth is, since his arrest and detention, the region has witnessed relative calm following successful interventions and other security measures. Indeed, his detention is a token of love to the region,” the statement added.

The CSO also punctured the argument of Hon. Ogah that the release of Kanu will expose criminal gangs using his detention as a cover to terrorise the region and maintained that, those gangs terrorising the region are part of Nnamdi Kanu’s criminal entrepreneurial enterprise and are well known in the region. His release will therefore embolden them the more.

Part of the statement reads, “instead of pleading for the release of man who has blood on his hand and whose foot soldiers are constantly harassing innocent citizens, Hon. Amobi Ogah and all true sons and daughters of the region should rather expose the criminals than asking for the release of their gang leader. It is not possible to claim ignorance of the true identities of those tormenting the region”.

The CSO finally called on the House of Representatives to forthwith, desist from interfering with a matter that is before the law court under the guise of a sham ad-hoc committee and face the task of making quality laws and legislative oversight.


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