Sinoma Nigeria Limited, a global powerhouse in construction materials, recently organized a cross-cultural celebration for its employees, showcasing both Nigerian and Chinese traditions.

Dubbed “Family Gathering of Nigerian and Chinese Team Members,” the event unfolded on August 9th at Sinoma’s headquarters in Abuja’s Katampe extension. The primary objective was to foster deeper cultural connections between Nigeria and China.

During the event, Mr. Jakie Dai, Executive Deputy Managing Director of Sinoma Nigeria Limited, spoke to the media, explaining that the occasion aimed to uplift employee morale and offer fresh perspectives on Nigeria. He emphasized the company’s desire to contribute positively to Nigeria’s progress.

Dai underscored Sinoma’s role in EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) and its key involvement in the cement industry, partnering with prominent groups such as BUA, GIGA, and Lafarge in Nigeria. He highlighted the significant growth of the company, attributing it to Nigeria’s vibrant business environment.

With a workforce of 1,200 Chinese and 30,000 Nigerians (including 5,000 direct employees), Sinoma Nigeria Limited regards its staff highly and invests substantially in their development. The company operates three branches in Abuja, with headquarters in Katampe Extension and additional locations in Kuje. The organization also maintains a presence in Sokoto, Kuje, and Ogun States.

Mr. Dai asserted Sinoma’s commitment to expansion, job creation, and technical expertise provision for Nigerians. He expressed the company’s dedication to aiding Nigeria’s technological advancement, paralleling achievements seen in China and other advanced nations.

The event welcomed distinguished guests, including Han Ti Chao, Assistant Managing Director, Chi Fei Hu, Chris Loni, Marketing Manager Wu Shuang, Mrs. Obiageri C. Henshaw, and Daniel Mejabi. The celebration further fortified the ties between these two diverse cultures.


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