Some security experts in the country have continued to express worry over the activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria. According to multiple sources interviewed by this newspaper, they stated that if the relevant authorities do not take urgent steps, the country might go up in flames due to the desperation of Amnesty International and their international collaborators in seeing to the disintegration of Nigeria.

According to Prof. Stanly Onyia an expert in peace and conflict studies at the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) in Abuja, he stated that a cursory look at the recent posturing of Amnesty International is an indication that they are out for a mission that is not in the best interest of Nigeria.

“AI is not a credible organization; their mission, especially in Nigeria, is tied around the innate desire to perpetuate mischief and cause a conflict of immeasurable proportion. Their reports are often lacking in objectivity and somewhat an insult to some of us that are in the field of conflict resolution.”

He further stated that Amnesty International gained traction in their activities under a questionable international cover and backing that covered their intent and purposes in Nigeria.

“At numerous peace and conflict forums, we have had reasons to dissect the various reports of Amnesty International and the consensus is that Amnesty International is not acting in the overall interest of the entrenchment of peace but that of fanning the embers of war. This is sad, and I hope that the relevant authorities in Nigeria would take the bull by the horns and stop them in their tracks before it gets too late.”

In a similar vein, an associate professor of defense and strategic studies at the Nigerian Defense Academy, Kaduna stated that AI is a product of terrorist organizations that have devised means to escape the radar in the perpetuation of their nefarious activities.

“There is a long-standing history of how Amnesty International was compromised by some of the world deadliest terrorist organizations. If you look at their reports, you will find a trajectory that promotes acts of terrorism. The case of Nigeria is very evident in the support it has been rendering organizations such as Boko Haram and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Their presence in Nigeria is a serious threat to our nascent democracy, and the government must, as a matter of urgency act if it’s serious about the unity of the country.”

This newspaper also gathered from reliable sources that Amnesty International has resulted in recruitment for militant groups in Nigeria. A security source who pleaded anonymity stated that Amnesty International has recently devised means to assist the Boko Haram group in ensuring that it fills its ranks that have been depleted by the renewed onslaught by the Nigerian Army.

“Amnesty International is carrying out espionage activities for Boko Haram. They are using their clout to lure unsuspecting youths to join the Boko Haram group. You know they have so much resource at their disposal, and they have been spending lots of money to lure these youths.”

“The good thing is that the security agencies are aware of this plot and they are doing everything possible to nip it in the bud. But I can tell you that Nigeria would be in trouble if Amnesty International succeeds in their endeavor”.

According to Dr Ibrahim Suleiman, a lecturer in the Department of History at Kaduna State University, he stated that Amnesty International had been covertly recruiting gullible youths from Northern Nigeria into Boko Haram and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

“The threat posed by Amnesty International is real. We have had instances where some of our students disappeared from the classrooms. Upon enquiries, we realized that they were invited for workshops organized by Amnesty International and since they haven’t returned.”

“It’s unfortunate that the security agencies are treating the threat posed by Amnesty International with kid gloves. If only they know the number of youths that have been deceived into joining the Boko Haram group by Amnesty International.”

A top retired director of the secret police, who was interviewed by this newspaper, stated that Amnesty International is the new intellectual wing of the Boko Haram dedicated to providing discreet support to the Boko Haram group.

“There is no difference between Amnesty International and Boko Haram. It is just a function of different nomenclatures. What is Boko Haram doing that Amnesty International is not doing? The only difference is that they don’t carry arms but what they do is worse than carrying arms.”

“While I was in service, I presided over a report where multiple pieces of evidence on the nefarious activities of Amnesty International were presented. We escalated to the appropriate authorities, but nothing was done. You can see what is happening today. This is just despicable. I hope those in authority act in the best interest of Nigeria else the consequences might be severe.”

It would be recalled that in times past, there were calls for the expulsion of Amnesty International from Nigeria for acts against the interest of the country. A top source in the presidency who confided in this newspaper stated that the presidency took the call lightly and didn’t act.

“I recall that when there were street protests for the expulsion of Amnesty International from Nigeria, the presidency waved it off. They gave Amnesty International the benefit of the doubt. However, I think that was a grave mistake as the presidency is in a dilemma on how to address the threat posed by Amnesty International in light of the recent revelations.”

“The solution now is for the government to devise means to halt the recruitment drive of Amnesty International as the efforts of our military would be in vain. This is indeed a serious situation.”

“The government must blacklist Amnesty International as a first step. If this is not done, then we might be faced with a resurgence of the Boko Haram group and Nigeria would suffer untold consequences.”

This same position was echoed by a former Nigerian Ambassador to the United States of America, who does not want his name in print. He stated that the option left for Nigeria because of the revelations that Amnesty International is promoting terrorism in Nigeria is a complete blacklisting.

“There are no two ways about it. Amnesty International must be blacklisted. This is not borne out of malice but on substantiated facts. In my opinion, this should have been done a long time ago, especially when it became obvious that Amnesty International has something up their sleeves with the constant attack on the government and the military.”

“If this is not done, I wonder what would become of Nigeria as countries where Amnesty International has succeeded started like this. I am not sure we have such luxury of time. “


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