Computer Village, the technology hub at the heart of Ikeja, Lagos, serving as Sub-Saharan Africa’s go-to destination for cutting-edge gadgets and reliable repairs, is facing relocation plans by the Lagos State Government. Despite its pivotal role in driving technological innovation, the market’s current location has led to traffic congestion, hindering business operations and road users.

In 2017, the Lagos State Government announced intentions to relocate Computer Village to alleviate environmental degradation, housing stock deficits, and traffic congestion in Ikeja. The new location, named the Katangua Information and Communications Technology Business Park, was expected to cost around N40 billion, with the first phase set to be completed in 24 months.

However, reports indicate a slow pace in the project’s execution, raising concerns among vendors. Ifeanyi Akubue, President of the Phone and Allied Product Dealers Association of Nigeria, acknowledged the delays but emphasized that the project’s progress depended on the contracted developer.

Emmanuel Osho, Managing Partner of Bodds IT Solutions, expressed dissatisfaction with the planned relocation, anticipating negative impacts on businesses. Osho and several traders are concerned about increased commuting times for both vendors and customers, as the new location would be farther from central Lagos.

Osho highlighted opposition from influential figures in the market, slowing down the project. He suggested a more practical approach of concentrating people within central areas of the market.

Solagbade Olaifa, the Public Relations Officer of the Computer and Allied Product Dealers Association of Nigeria, emphasized that Computer Village’s current location was not initially designed to be a market.

The reluctance of some key players and concerns among traders about potential revenue loss due to the relocation underscore the challenges associated with balancing development goals and the interests of businesses in the tech hub. The outcome of discussions between the vendors and the Lagos State Government remains crucial for the future of Computer Village.


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