In response to the recent militia clash in Benue State resulting in at least 30 casualties, the Senate has announced its intention to hold a meeting with President Bola Tinubu to address the growing insecurity not only in Benue State but across Nigeria.

The Senate’s decision was prompted by a motion titled “Motion On the Continuing Killings by Suspected Terrorists Parading as Herdsmen and Increasing Insecurity in Kwande, Ukum, Logo And Katsina-Ala Local Government Areas in the Benue North-East Senatorial District Of Benue State.” The motion was presented by Senator Emmanuel Udende, representing Benue North-East, under the urgency of public importance.

During the Senate session, Senator Udende reported that over 50 residents in the Logo and Katsina-Ala areas were killed by individuals disguising themselves as herders, perpetrating violence in these communities.

The recent incident in Ukum Local Government Area involved a militia clash on Tuesday, claiming numerous lives, including a family of seven. The clash was allegedly between rival militias led by figures identified as ‘Full Fire’ and ‘Chain.’ One of the militia leaders reportedly hired external bandits to invade Gbagir community in Ukum, leading to a violent confrontation with another militia gang in the region.

Most of the casualties were members of the rival militia groups, with approximately 12 innocent farmers caught in the crossfire. The clash left over 30 individuals injured, and many others have been declared missing.

A traditional ruler in the affected area disclosed that the conflict arose when a Tiv militia leader kidnapped a Fulani militia leader named Alhaji Gana, along with his family, known for their involvement in banditry and kidnappings. Despite receiving a ransom of N5 million, the hostages were reportedly killed, triggering outrage among the gang members in Taraba State.

In response, another militia leader from Ukum joined forces with the Fulani militia gang in Taraba to eliminate the rival gang in Ukum, resulting in the deadly clash.

The Senate’s decision to engage President Tinubu underscores the gravity of the situation and the need for coordinated efforts to address the escalating security challenges in Benue State and the broader national landscape.


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